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Each Sunday there is a free introduction for beginners at 10.30h. After the introduction you join the regular zen meditation.

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Master Kosen

In Zen tradition the teaching (Dharma) is being transmitted from master to disciple. Written texts and documents are of minor importance. Zen stays alive by adapting to its time and circumstances. True Zen can only be taught by a true master. The 'shiho' (transmission) determines who is a true master. Only a master can recognize a master. Thus the transmission of the zen can be followed back to Shakyamuni Buddha
The 'European Zen Center' is directed by master Kosen Thibaut. Kosen Thibaut was one of the closest disciples of the Japanese zen master Taisen Deshimaru who came to Paris in 1967 to teach Zen in Europe, as was the wish of his master Kodo Sawaki. In 1971 Kosen Thibaut was ordained as a monk. For 15 years he practiced Zen together with his master whom he followed on all his trips through Europe and Japan. After the death of Taisen Deshimaru, Kosen Thibaut received the shiho from master Niwa Zenji in 1984 and thus became a master in the tradition of Zen himself. He practices and directs ┬┤ sesshins┬┤ (periods of intense practice) all over Europe and in South America..

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